The distinctive sounds of the analog Synthesizers of the 70ies and 80ies and the
uniqueness instantly hooked me ages ago. That’s why we’re all so addicted to them.

As a musician with several productions and live acts in the past for over 30 years I am a specialized tech. I dive deeper into synthesis, knowing how they should an can sound, and sure know all the inadequacies. I don’t mind.

If you love classics, you know what I mean. What sounds fatter than fat? An analog Synth!

It’s heartbreaking to see broken gear or even more worse, badly modified classics. Its never easy to fix them, it’s never easy to get the right components - even if I have some spare to replace them. But if you into it and checked some forums in the web, you know how hard it can be to service them. Most of them fail.

PSU replacement synthtaste

Never never trust a semi pro! Never trust a mate who pushes you in the wrong direction. It’s your Synth not booting after a „stick and poke” service! Don’t get me wrong, but I had them all. I know in most cases what to do, and seriously: if not immediately, I’ll find a fix. Checking service manuals, ordering the right replacements, connecting to other pro techs.

Don’t service them when it’s too late. Caps, chips and faders or buttons will fail one day! Soon or later, they will die.
I spent days and weeks replacing sliders and knobs. I have seen boards and chips erased by deoxid and severals fluids (WD40!). I’ve seen replacements with chips inserted wrong. Power them on and your gear is dead. Forever!

They’re unique. So keep them unique and valueable. You need a precide knowledge. No second try. Spot on or it will fail. And yes, I had a few, dead on arrival. Spare parts now.

Memorymoog PSU


High quality components

We replace old, defective components in your devices with high-quality components of the latest design. The acoustic peculiarities are retained -there is no difference to the original sound.


Fail save: better safe than sorry!

On request, we can install newly developed power supplies in your synthesizer on request. Advantages are minimal heat development and no noise. In addition, these power supplies are "fail save".


Keys with added value

Premium keys specially configured for your devices – with the possibility of integrating aftertouch on request - you've never played like this before. Of course we only use Fatar TP/9 Keys without drilling new holes in your beloves Synth! (Adapters included)